• 100% Working Skills and Special Abilities
  • 2013 Weapons and Armors
  • Fully Working Dungeons

Welcome to Eternity


What we offer is a stable high rate server with no bugs, no lag, with a great comunity administrated by four moderators, two admins and one game master wich provides the server security (making sure nobody will grief you and you will have a great time on our server) and daily events, keeping server`s morale high.
Our server is hosted on a performant dedicated server with a 200 mb/s bandwith resulting in a smooth gameplay without disconections and lag.
All we ask from you is to respect and obey the rules, have a decent attitude towards other players and staff members, to vote us when you have some free time, doing so our comunity will get bigger and better.
Help us constantly improve the server by reporting bugs or players that dont obey the rules
Remember that behind every character is a real person just like you and playng on our server is a privilege not a right


10.01.2014 - updates

Fix Restore NPC , add xevent commandscript for events, add elite gear
Fix time showing in event manager
Implement Faction Challenge event
Implement Last Man Stand event (a big Free For All fight. Who stands until the end is the winner)
Implement World Boss event (a big crossfaction RAID group which needs to have a certain strategy in order to kill a random World Boss)
Implement Dummy Event + add timer to improve memory usage (two teams try to kill a very large hp amount dummy. The team which succeeds faster wins)
Implement 1v1 event (you match-up versus another player, there are several match-ups depending on how many players subscribed for the event.The winner gets Event Coins which can be used in the Shops)
Implement Event Manager + event commands
Modify mount speed in arenas for mounts that have speed > 100
Implement Server security part 3
Try to fix crash in Spell:prepare on arena spectate, at loading screen
Fix headless horseman crash

23.12.2013 - updates

Implement Server security part 2
Implement Server security part 1 (login)
Fix Stealth+Shield(absorb) remove stealth by effects that are not absorbed by the shield
Fix Ring of Valor: Fix Blink do not fall under the pillar if the blink is ending on the pillar (pillar is down) Fix Demonic Circle to be on the pillarheight not at z = 28.5f
Fix anticheat Jump from cliff + Cast Levitate/Slow fall + Remove Levitate/Slow fall break the movement
Implement Arena History to prevent Wintrading
Fixed crashes happening with spells that had their dbc targets overriden (professor putricide unstable_experiment)
Implement Anticheat
Fix evade bug for NPCS, that after being feared or moved evade
Fix Creature/Pet Pathing
Fix DK (so it can change target using the Raise dead)
Fix arenas: Remove non arena buffs from Pets when joining arenas
Fix crash in Ring of Valor introduced in earlier
Fix Shadowstep remove Combat while player is in Sanctuary
Fix Shield to have cooldown on pets